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Red Lambda develops auto-mining security intelligence software

Known as MetaGrid, the software is billed as a automated security discovery application for organizations with what the firm calls big data IT, network and cloud infrastructures.

Todd Krautkremer, Red Lambda's chief operating officer, told Infosecurity that MetaGrid has been under test since June of this year and that 24 clients have already signed up for the software.

“What this software does is relatively unique in the security marketplace – it first looks at the data that is available locally and then allies this with the remote information. It then collates and analyzes all the information, then presents to to the user as an information feed.” he said.

The MetaGrid software is powered by his firm's AppIron grid platform, which is a cloud-based resource and allows users of the application to gain access to the number-crunching power of the cloud system, and present the data in an easy-to-understand format on their screens.

The idea behind the software, he went on to say, is that it designed to tell the user what is happening on their IT resources, and where their data is being processed – and by whom. Based on this information, he explained, the software can present the user with the security threats – and opportunities – that exist from the data.

Red Lambda said that the software has been beta tested by four clients who are prominent players in network and cloud infrastructure, social web, and government contractor arenas.

Although they are in very different businesses, the firm said they all share the need to gain unified situational awareness across their operations and network security domains, uncover and respond to threats and anomalies on-the-fly, and find actionable insights that can help transform their business and improve bottom and top-line performance.

“Security, as is most aspects of IT operations, has been a Big Data problem for years”, said Robert Bird, Red Lambda’s founder and CTO.

“AppIron and MetaGrid fuse massively scalable grid computing, relational stream processing, and breakthrough artificial intelligence into a single, cohesive solution that transcends the capabilities of conventional approaches and delivers true situational awareness”, he explained.

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