#RSAC: Infosecurity ‘Solutions’ Are Becoming the Problem

At the RSA conference in San Francisco in a session titled ‘Back to IT Security Basics: What’s getting lost in the buzz words’, Marc Potter of Netwrix urged information security professionals to turn a blind eye to threat buzzwords in favor of focusing on risk management.

“What has actually happened is vendors are so intent on matching solutions to buzzwords that the solution is often becoming the problem,” he said. “What then happens is new companies are then launched to fix the problems that the last set of solutions caused.”

“There is no silver bullet and vendors are trying to do everything and be everything for everyone. They search for taglines to match solutions to buzzwords.”

He listed the following as the current threat buzzwords:

  • Insider threat
  • Crime-as-a-service
  • Ransomware
  • State-sponsored attacks
  • Denial of service
  • APT
  • Social engineering

Potter’s advice is to “start with the basics and access your current risks. Know your own environment and what you’re trying to fix. This is how you can improve your cyber resiliency,” he concluded.

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