Sticky Password goes free for consumers and small businesses

According to Petr Bilek, Lamantine's managing director, the free version includes both the PC-based application as well as the portable version and is free to use for individuals and small businesses.

"Online security has reached a critical point for the broad community of internet users", he said, adding that, over the last 12 months, surveys conducted by anti-virus companies – as well as major password exploits like Twitter, Gawker and Facebook – reveal that most people still don't take a serious approach to their passwords.

"With Sticky Password Free, we've removed any last excuses demanding consumers may have. Users will not have to compromise between the immediate gratification and ease of remembering one password and protecting their identities online – and it's free", he explained.

Infosecurity notes that Sticky Password has been storing passwords for users for 10 years now and, as well as managing and securing passwords using encryption, also supports one-click online form filling.

Lamantine Software says that the small installation package incorporates the industry’s most powerful encryption algorithms and provides effective protection against phishing schemes, concealed key-loggers and identity theft.

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