Sunbelt upgrades Vipre, CounterSpy

Sunbelt Software announced new versions of its Vipre Enterprise anti-malware product with a new client agent, management console, and a new optional premium edition with enhanced firewall capabilities. Its CounterSpy product also received a significant overhaul, as it launched version 4.0 of the tool.

The Vipre Enterprise 4.0 management console is now available in a multi-site tiered model, so that large companies can manage infrastructures within multiple offices. It also now supports removable drives, and does a better job of supporting 64-bit environments, according to Sunbelt.

The new premium version of Vipre combines antivirus and anti-spyware protection, and adds a desktop firewall, along with malicious website filtering, intrusion detection, with host intrusion prevention.

The IDS supports built-in rules, but administrators can also create their own rules using the industry-standard SNORT language, according to Sunbelt. The firewall supports bidirectional traffic, while the URL filter also includes ad blocking, script blocking, and anti-phishing technologies.

Existing Vipre 3.1 customers will be upgraded to 4.0 for free, although a nominal price will apply if they want to begin using the premium edition.

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