Today's #FFF hack by Anonymous is a police equipment store

“We carry only the finest police equipment, we listen to the needs of police officers, and we maintain strong ties to the law enforcement community at all levels,” states the website’s ‘about’ page.

While the midweek DDoS on the Vatican is arguably unrelated to recent FBI successes against Anonymous, this is not. The defacement starts “Tribute to Jeremy Hammond, when false heroes fall, true ones rise... #AntiSec is back once again for this #FFF on the aftermath of Sabu’s shit thingy.” And, needless to say, it goes on to taunt the FBI.

At the beginning of last month Wired published a report of an interview with Anonymous. It followed hacks against the FTC and CSI which first announced the #FFF campaign. “We are already sitting on dozens of unreleased targets,” Wired was told. “Yes, each and every Friday we will be launching attacks… with the specific purpose of wiping as many corrupt corporate and government systems off our internet.” That was the warning, and New York Ironworks is the latest victim.

Cyber War News initially reported, “The main page of the site has been defaced, but the other pages such as the contact, about etc appear to be in working order.” At the time of writing this, the entire site seems to have been now taken off-line while the operators analyze and repair the damage.

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