Trend Micro moves IT security onto routers

The diversification, the firm says, will allow users of a variety of hardware to protect themselves from the vagaries of the internet.

According to Carol Carpenter, Trend Micro's vice president, Home Network Defender (HND), as the new range is called, will protect users of games consoles and any internet-connected device that linked via a protected router.

Don't expect to run the new software on your existing router hardware, however, as Trend has only just struck a deal with Cisco's Linksys division to allow the software to run on its latest routers, several of which have been shipping since the start of the year.

The deal will see the Trend HND software shipping with the Linksys routers as a 30-day trial bundle, although existing users of compatible modems will be able to download the software as an update from the Linksys site.

Carpenter says that the technology advance behind the HND software will also allow the company's software to protect USB sticks and other flash drives, although that specific version of the technology will be unveiled in the spring.

Subscriptions to HND will set router owners back $60 a year, although Infosecurity notes that with the software installed, users - in theory at least - will not need basic IT security software installed on the desktop PCs connected via the secured router.

Trend says that the $60 a year license deal - European prices have not been confirmed - includes antivirus software licenses for up to four PCs.

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