Trusteer adds malware removal utility to Rapport browser add-in

The Rapport add-in, which monitors for any trojans affecting e-banking and blocks man-in-the-browser attacks, has now been enhanced with the addition of a malware removal utility.

According to Trusteer, this means that, as well as preventing trojans like Zeus, Silon, Bugat, DBJP and zero-day malware from tampering with website communications and transactions, the add-in pro-actively removes malicious code that attempts to attack browser sessions.

The gameplan is for the company to start submitting any new zero-day malware that the Rapport software discovers to the industry's anti-malware vendors in an effort improve what it calls the industry's notoriously low detection rates for crimeware.

Commenting on the software enhancement, Mick Paisley, head of information security and business resilience for Santander said that he has confidence that Trusteer is always ahead of the curve in detecting and protecting people from new forms of financial malware.

"Their willingness to immediately share this valuable intelligence with all other antivirus vendors is to be highly commended for making online fraud harder to commit by criminals", he said.

Over at Trusteer, Amit Klein, the firm's CTO, said that, with the addition of its free malware removal capability, Trusteer now provides the most comprehensive anti-phishing and anti malware protection for online banking.

"Rapport detects, alerts on, blocks, and removes financial malware at no cost for end-users, while it protects online communication with their financial institution. As an added benefit, Rapport can protect communication with an unlimited number of websites", he said.

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