UFO hacker Gary McKinnon decision expected "in weeks rather than months"

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, made a surprise announcement to ITV News today when discussing the case.

Cameron said that the case was still with the Teresa May, the Home Secretary and the decision would be made within weeks.

As previously reported by Infosecurity, May placed McKinnon's extradition on hold in May of this year, after the case went through legal appeal after legal appeal.

Until the Home Secretary's announcement in May, it was looking increasingly likely that McKinnon was to be extradited within a few short weeks, pending last-minute legal appeals.

McKinnon, who is known to suffer from Asperger's syndrome, a less severe form of autism, was arrested around seven years ago after he was caught breaking into various US military online systems.

Whilst admitting to the electronic break-ins, the self-confessed UFO fan claims that he was merely looking for classified information on a gravitec wave propulsion system, an anti-gravity system thought to be derived from crash-landed alien craft and rumoured, Infosecurity notes, to be in active usage on USAF stealth bombers.

The US government has dismissed McKinnon's claims, making its own claim that his break-ins cost the US military more than $750 000 to resolve, a figure that has been disputed by many people.

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