UK names the new amateur cyber security champion

Miller was one of 40 finalists in a competition developed by HP and Cassidian Cyber Security and operated by Cyber Security Challenge UK. It involved a fictitious technology supplier to a Formula 1 racing team that had been hacked. Competitors had to detect signs of malicious attacks and develop technical and policy-based solutions to fix it.

“To succeed in this competition and become the UK’s new cyber security champion,” commented HP’s Jonathan Bathurst, “Stephen has had to demonstrate not only exceptional technical skills but also an ability to relate them to a common business scenario. This requires an ability to weigh up risk, take into account budgets and operational limitations and be able to present a coherent case to a non-technical audience with sensible measures that are in the best interest of the organization for the future. It is this skill set that employers value highest of all and the competition was designed to identify.”

Miller, along with his fellow competitors, has no formal training in security. Moments after receiving his prize, he said, “I came to this competition in 2010 with no background in cyber security and yet my own interest in the area, coupled with the experience I have built up playing the Challenge competitions, has resulted in me winning the whole thing.” The prize is worth more than £100,000 in industry training courses, access to industry events, opportunities for paid internships and the offer of university bursaries.

“The Challenge exists,” explained Stephanie Daman, CEO, Cyber Security Challenge UK, “not only to identify skilled people for the traditional security industry, but also serves to highlight to organizations the security skills within their own teams. We then give those talented individuals confidence and exposure to professional training to improve the security practices of their own day-to-day operations.”

As one competition ends, so the next begin. Daman also announced a new mobile app that will provide regular competitions, news on the Challenge and a simple access point to clear guidance on cyber security careers. Information on current and future competitions can be found at

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