The 15th Next Generation Testing Conference

The 15th Next Generation Testing Conference: New Technologies – Opportunities, Aspirations and Meeting User Expectations

14 July 2016, London

Testing needs to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology and increasing user expectations.  Customers require higher quality, faster, safer, more mobile solutions. Testers have to deliver but also have to innovate, frequently limited by the budgets and resources the wider business is willing to allocate.  Against these challenges are set the opportunities offered by new technologies, techniques and ways of working.  This conference focuses on the way forward, with a brief retrospective on how far we have come. Keynote presentations and user case studies provide valuable insights, and the popular roundtable sessions allow all participants to join in and discuss their own experiences, and consider how to make the most of the opportunities on offer today and how to achieve their aspirations of delivering the solutions that will meet their customers’ expectations.

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