Barclay Simpson publishes first quarterly rate card for security contractors

These rates, Infosecurity notes, include agency fees and mark-ups, but reflect what the firm claims is the `going rate’ for IT security contractors throughout the UK to the private and public sectors.

Prices, says the company, will vary depending on the length of contract, experience required and the location of the role, which can include internal & IT audit, risk management, information security, compliance, legal and treasury disciplines.

Barclay Simpson adds that its information security contract division has now been established for four years and in that time the division has registered over 2,000 active information security contractors within the UK.

A security policy consultant, says the firm, can command £590 per day, while security project and security programme manager can earn, respectively, £650 and £770 a day.

A security consultant, meanwhile, can earn £590 per day, whilst a security analyst can command £355 a day.

Pen testers can charge £590 a day, whilst ISO 27001 consultants are charging – on average - £530 for a day’s work.

Before you all resign your current positions, Infosecurity notes that these rates are the fees that agencies charge commercial clients on a daily basis, so the rates will need to be reduced by between 20 or 30%.

It is also worth noting that holidays and sick pay are not factored in to these rates, although third-party sites such as and also now quote these types of rates.


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