Black Hat briefings start on Thursday

In addition, the gameplan for this popular IT security event calls for presenters to also unveil 12 new tools to assist researchers in their activities.

Now in its ninth year, Black Hat EU 2009 has more than 500 IT security experts scheduled to attend, including public and private sector security professionals and underground hackers.

Unconfirmed sources suggest there will also be men in black suits wearing black sunglasses.

These people are unlikely to be as friendly as Will Smith and others in the Men in Black movie, but their activities on the spook front always make for interesting viewing at events of this type.

New tools and vulnerabilities due to be presented at Black Hat EU this year include:

  • All Your Packets Are Belong to Us - Attacking Backbone Technologies by Enno Rey and Daniel Mende - New Tool
  • Advanced SQL Injection Exploitation to Operating System Full Control by Bernardo Damele Assumpcao Guimaraes - New Vulnerability and New Tool
  • SAP Penetration Testing by Mariano Nunez Di Croce - New Vulnerability and New Tool
  • Fun and Games With Mac OS X and iPhone Payloads by Charlie Miller and incenzo Iozzo - New Tool
  • Hijacking Mobile Data Connections by Roberto Gassira and Roberto Piccirillo - New Vulnerability
  • Yes it is Too Wifi, and No, it's Not Inherently Secure by Rob Havelt -  New Tool
  • Open Office Security Design Weaknesses by Eric Filiol - New Vulnerability
  • WiSHMaster - Windows SHellcode MASTERy by Benjamin Caillat - New Tool
  • Alice in User-Land: Hijacking the Linux Kernel via /dev/mem by Anthony Lineberry - New Tool
  • Shuntaint: Emulation-based Security Testing for Formal Verification by Bruno Luiz - New Tool
  • Stack Smashing as of Today: A State-of-the-Art Overview on Buffer Overflow Protections on linux_x86_64 by Hagen Fritsch - New Vulnerability
  • Tactical Fingerprinting Using Metadata, Hidden Info and Lost Data by Chema Alonso and Enrique Rando - New Tool
  • VAASeling: VNC Attack Automation Suite by Rich Smith - New Tool
  • Masibty: a Web Application Firewall Based on Anomaly Detection by Stefano Zanero and Claudio Criscione - New Tool
  • Taming The Beast: Assess Kerberos-Protected Networks by Emmanuel Bouillon - New Vulnerability

Commenting on this year's event, Jeff Moss, the founder of the Black Hat conferences, says that, despite the fact that new vulnerabilities are worth so much on the open market these days, the conference will have numerous researchers willing to share their discoveries.

"We have our strongest field of submissions yet for a European event," he says.

If you're looking for somewhere to stay, you could do worse that check out the site, which has a wealth of discounted hotels costing from around 60 pounds a night for the duration of the event.

There is also a Webcast planned for 9pm UK time (4pm Eastern) this Thursday, details of which can be found here:

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