#Belfast2019: Cybersec Industry to Generate £70m+ in Salaries in Northern Ireland

At the eighth World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit in Belfast, it was announced that the cybersecurity industry is on course to generate more than £70m in salaries in Northern Ireland each year. It was also estimated that the cybersecurity industry employs almost 1700 people in Northern Ireland.

The Summit, hosted by the Centre for Secure Information Technologies’ (CSIT), saw industry leaders, start-ups, SMEs, government policy makers and researchers from around the world come together to discuss and explore some of the current key topics in the information security landscape.

Professor Maire O’Neill, Queen’s University, said: “This is an extremely exciting time for cybersecurity in Northern Ireland but also for the sector globally.

“There are significant economic benefits for the local economy, with estimated salaries now at around £70m each year.”

In October 2018, research from Acumin Consulting found that salaries for cybersecurity professionals rose by 6% in one year, double the national average of 2.9%.

Speaking at the Summit, Professor O’Neill also announced that CSIT research has been recognized by the international Journal of Information Security and Applications. The research, which looked at the safety and security analysis for cyber-physical systems, has been awarded the globally prestigious Dr KW Wong Annual Best Paper Award for its originality and impact.

“At CSIT, our researchers are leading cutting-edge research in cybersecurity,” Professor O’Neil added. “We are also developing the next generation of industry leaders to meet the huge demand from industry for cybersecurity professionals.”

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