#GartnerIAM: IAM Disrupted by New Trends

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is being disrupted by new trends, but they need not be a problem for the business.

Speaking in the opening keynote session of the Gartner IAM conference in London, David Mahdi, research director in IT Leaders Systems, Security and Risk at Gartner, said that “getting access to ABC is what current IAM systems are meant to do.”

However, the introduction of mobile and cloud services, and needing access to services such as Salesforce, has meant that IAM has struggled to keep up and capabilities have been “bolted on just to meet demands.”

Mahdi said: “This is just the beginning and IoT and other disruptive elements are coming in and services are demanding more from IAM: from marketing to other business units.” As a result, Mahdi predicted the introduction of IoT will mean AI and ML will be used more in the identity space.

Also speaking at the event, research vice-president with Gartner's IT Professionals research and advisory service Mark Diodati said that one way users are working with IoT is to “realize devices are people too.”

He added that a workaround for IoT is to “treat them as actors as they are so sophisticated.”

To conclude, Earl Perkins, research vice-president in the Security and Risk Management team at Gartner, said that “identity is the electricity by which we drive the new business age in a disruptive way”, and this was positive.

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