Kaspersky offers free World Cup smartphone security

According to Kaspersky, it will be too easy to lose your smartphone during the World Cup to pickpockets who will target big crowds of fervent football fans.

This is why Kaspersky is offering free use of Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 – with Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 installed, the firm says that the mobile can be remotely blocked if it is lost or stolen.

The contact details of the owner will be displayed on the screen of a blocked Symbian or Windows smartphone, allowing anyone who finds it to return the lost device.

The location of a lost smartphone can also be pin-pointed using its built-in GPS module, and if the SIM is replaced, the owner will receive immediate notification of the phone's new number.

During the World Cup, smartphone users can access the firm's special cup portal and generate a free code to activate smartphone security for the entire duration of the tournament.

Infosecurity notes that the offer does not include technical support.

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