Mysteries of single sign-on cracked in Thursday's webinar

Our Thursday webinar this week seeks to dispel some of the myths and detail some of the problems - as well as solutions to those issues - that IT professionals encounter on a regular basis with this important aspect of IT security.

In this 60-minute session, Professor John Walker, a member of the ISACA Security Group, will define SSO and its operational landscape, as well as explain how poorly defined SSO implementations can weaken the security of your IT defenses.

Along the way, the Professor will detail a selection of top tips for better SSO security and how a top-down approach to the issue can work wonders in any organization

Joining Professor Walker for our educational and informative online session will be Corey Williams, director of product management with Centrify, who will explain how businesses can take a simplified approach to SSO and still retain their high levels of security.

Corey will be explaining some of the challenges that SSO implementers face, including the overlap of technologies and the need for better integration with the general IT security infrastructure.

In his presentation, Corey also plans to detail some of the common patterns seen in SSO, as well as how agent architectures and Kerberos security fits into the bigger SSO security picture.

Rounding out our panel will be Steve Gold, Infosecurity's technical editor, who will be moderating the session, as well as helping the panel field the live Q&A session that allow webinar attendees to get answers to the questions that matter to them.

Join us for this informative 60-minute webinar - which takes places at 11am PST/2pm Eastern - this Thursday.

Please register here for the event - Understanding Single Sign-On for UNIX/Linux-based web applications.


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