Consumers Want Better IoT Security Built in From the Start

Consumers are keenly aware of the cyber-threats associated with IoT devices and most believe they should come with security built in, according to a new study by Irdeto.

The security vendor polled over 7800 consumers in Brazil, China, Germany, India, the UK and US in order to better understand attitudes towards connected device security.

Over three-quarters (78%) said they’re aware that a smart device on their home Wi-Fi network could be targeted by a hacker, a figure which rises to 82% for the over-55s.

Interestingly, most (56%) global consumers think it’s the responsibility of both the individual user and manufacturer to keep hackers at bay, with just 15% thinking it’s all the consumer’s job and 20% the role of the device maker.

Concerns over smart device security did vary by geography, however, with two-fifths (42%) of Germans saying they’re not worried about hackers, versus 88% of Brazilians who are concerned about IoT security risks.

Mark Hearn, director of IoT Security at Irdeto, says we have entered a new era where devices can no longer be built, shipped and quickly forgotten by their manufacturers.

“In the IoT era, manufacturers have responsibilities, and even data collection services, beyond shipment. With the connectivity benefits of IoT, manufacturers have to also protect their business from the hacking risks of IoT,” he told Infosecurity Magazine.

“Device security, software updates and device identity are all critical to a robust IoT security strategy. Threat Risk Assessments are also crucial to understanding the threats and is needed to evolve the security strategy over time for long-term protection of the device.”

The research also laid bare the extent of smart device use in the home, with 81% of global consumers admitting they have more than one such gadget; and four the average per household.

Some 80% of US consumers said they had at least one IoT device at home, surprisingly the lowest figure of all countries surveyed.

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