3ami extends the audit envelope to support memory sticks

The update to the software, says Tim Ellsmore, 3ami's managing director, does a lot more than simply selectively blocking access to memory sticks, since it provides a complete audit security log - with granular control of the memory sticks - about what is happening on the IT resource.

MAS, he told Infosecurity, will track changes to hardware and software throughout an organisation, capturing and securely storing records of all user activity on the system, including all applications software, as well as all internet activities.

Employee computer monitoring , he says, not only protects your organisation from information security threats and legal problems, but it can also be helpful in terms of maintaining productivity.

With the memory stick support upgrade to MAS, Ellsmore says that information leaks and data losses can be traced right back to the original culprit.

Where appropriate, he explained, specific users can have their access to USB devices curtailed or restricted, or fully authorised as required.

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