Blue Coat Bows Endpoint Intelligence Ecosystem

Blue Coat Systems has kicked off its Alliance Ecosystem of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), with founding members Bit9 + Carbon Black, Countertack, Digital Guardian, Guidance Software, Promisec and Tripwire.

The ecosystem will gather actionable intelligence from endpoint security solutions, which will then be shared out with the Blue Coat security portfolio.

“With more and more employees using smartphones, tablets, watches and other devices to connect to enterprise networks, endpoint detection and response takes on a higher level of importance,” said Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at ESG. 

“This alliance provides customers the ability to proactively protect their network with proven endpoint security solutions that are well integrated, providing an added benefit of a potential return on investment.”

EDR solutions include a variety of endpoint technologies ranging from application protection and privilege management, whitelisting, execution isolation, and comprehensive visibility and control.

While the secure proxy remains the most critical control point with complete visibility and control in the network, the intelligence and actionable data that can now be gathered from endpoint devices, such as Windows PCs and Linux machines, is extremely useful for the security operations and incident response teams. 

“Enterprise network administrators dealing with BYOD, shadow IT, and the internet of things are realizing the need for endpoint detection and response is crucial,” said Peter Doggart, vice president of business development at Blue Coat.

“Other than the proxy, the endpoint is the only place where IT security has full visibility into what is happening within their environment,” he added. “By working with leading endpoint detection and response leaders, Blue Coat is providing customers with a truly comprehensive end-to-end solution – from complete network to endpoint visibility and detection, to swift and effective incident response and remediation.”

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