BT and Intel Security Form Partnership

BT and Intel Security have formed a partnership to develop next-generation security services to help organisations improve security and prevent cyber-attacks.

The intention is to offer better prevention and investigation of attacks, and focus on integrated, open security systems with a cloud-first technology designed to empower organizations to resolve threats faster and with fewer resources.

Mark Hughes, CEO of BT Security, told Infosecurity that as one of the world’s largest data processors, it makes sense to make a partnership with a company with security at its heart. “We look at what the customers need and in the industry there is a lot of stuff out there but not enough advice in marrying them together,” he said.

“We are sitting on a vast amount of information and signals from network traffic and Intel Security are the company with the vision and roadmap that aligned with us.”

The two companies will also work together in a joint cyber partnership to further develop their common vision of creating next generation security services.

Raj Samani, EMEA chief technology officer at Intel Security, told Infosecurity that Intel Security brings great visibility on the threat landscape and with BT, the two will provide an insight into threats.

He said: “Look at ransomware: these are damaging attacks that are hurting businesses. Now we can see down the chain to where size matters and we are not just taking it but we are deploying it across our estate.”

Hughes commented that “great technology is available, but it is no good if you don’t know what is going on”. Samani said: “Where we come in is with working with BT in regard to intelligence and understand what is happening in a customer environment.

“There is no better partner than BT to get a better understanding of how the bad guys collaborate. It gives us a better understanding and help get those affected companies back to business.”

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