#CPX2016: With Cyber Security in Great Growth, What do you Drop?

Part of the future is reacting and responding, but also preparing and predicting.

Speaking at the Check Point conference in Nice, Dan Burrus, futurist and NY Times bestselling author said that in technology we have been one step behind and while we cannot go back and change the past, we can shape the future. “Not just about being busy, be strategic,” he said. “We live in a world of uncertainty – what will happen with stock, investments; in a world of uncertainty what am I certain about?”

He focused on hard trends which are based on future facts, and soft trends that are based on assumptions. He made a short range prediction that “in the next five years we will transform how we secure things”.

Burrus went on to say: “We are transforming cybersecurity right now as if we don’t we won’t be happy next year. We need to do it together with shared knowledge and understanding and learning from each other and taking organizations and our careers to the next level as well.”

He concluded with an analogy about a security manager being a juggler and now, they are all juggling the maximum number of balls and if someone throws you another ball you will drop them all. “So ask yourself, which one is less relevant in a world of transformation change so you can drop one. We are reinventing the profession now and there has never been as much opportunity to make as much change as you have now.”

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