Google adds notification about hacked websites in search results

In its Webmaster Central Blog, Google said the new service is being added to its existing malware notice service, which includes a separate warning page.

“Now we’re expanding the search results notifications to help people avoid sites that may have been compromised and altered by a third party, typically for spam. When a user visits a site, we want them to be confident the information on that site comes from the original publisher”, wrote Google’s Gideon Wald.

The notification just below the website title reads “This site may be compromised”, with a link that brings the user to a Google article explaining more about the notice.

In addition, Google notifies the site’s webmaster about the possible compromise. “We hope that webmasters will also appreciate these notices, because it will help you more quickly discover when someone may be abusing your site so you can correct the problem”, Wald said.

Wald added that once Google is satisfied that the problem has been fixed, it will take down the warning notice. Webmasters can also request a review of their site by Google to speed the notice removal process.

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