ICANN cans Estonian registrar's credentials

But ICANN - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - has now announced that EstDomains will lose its registrar accreditation on November 24.

As reported previously by Infosecurity, ICANN has cited the conviction of EstDomains President Vladimir Tsastsin in an Estonian court for credit card fraud, money laundering, and document forgery.

ICANN originally announced its plans to de-register EstDomains around two weeks ago, but placed a stop on the plan after the Estonian registrar appealed its move, claiming that Tsastsin left the company earlier in the year.

That stop has now been lifted and, says ICANN, as a result the termination of EstDomains' registrar accreditation will be carried out on November 24.

Infosecurity notes that EstDomains is third company to lose its Internet license as a result of alleged spam and other issues.

Earlier this month McColo, a network provider, was swiftly taken offline after researchers claimed it was a major conduit for the world's spammers.

And in September, Intercage, another network provider, was disconnected following similar reports.

According to ICANN, EstDomains has some 281,000 domain names under its management. The registrar of registrars is now obliged to assist the owners of these domain names in migrating to another registrar or service provider, but a transfer is not guaranteed.


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