ISACA whitepaper suggests effective data security analytic strategies

The paper – which can be downloaded from the not-for-profit IT security association's website – says that data analytics assists the decision process by learning what is working and what is not; what is going well, and where the IT systems need improvement.

In analysing this information, ISACA's paper says that enterprises can make decisions to help them increase profitability, improve performance, and identify, as well as manage risks.

Delving into the whitepaper – entitled 'Data Analytics: A Practical Approach' – reveals that data analytics is more than just a single project, and is actually a journey through a well-thought-out plan with specific objectives and steps.

Anthony Noble, CISA, the vice president of IT audit at Viacom and a member of ISACA's whitepaper development team, says that the white paper explains how effective data analytics can assist enterprises in identifying what works well and help managers determine any areas for improvement.

In addition, the adds, the process can also help managers recognise problems before they become out of control.

Noble's white paper goes on to say that using data analytics can assist It professionals establish value by pointing out the potential cost savings and operational improvements that are required.

In addition, the data analytics process can provide other benefits, such as greater insight into privacy and security issues, as well as enhanced assurance over the quality of the data and increased staff productivity

Additional guidance in the white paper includes examples of successes from enterprises, suggestions for time savers and strategies for maximising a return on investment.

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