(ISC)2 updates online secure software development resource

The aim of the enhancement, says the not-for-profit IT security association, is to improve the development skills of software professionals, and so address the ever-growing number of software vulnerabilities.

According to (ISC)2, StudISCope is a code-language neutral tool for developers, designers and architects, project managers and software quality assurance testers.

The online resource is billed as providing software security professionals – whether they are members of the (ISC)2 association or not – a service that helps them develop their skills.

(ISC)2  says that, at the conclusion of the simulation, the test taker receives his or her score, providing them with a readiness assessment and focused study plan.

Announcing the enhanced service, Alessandro Moretto, a member of the (ISC)²'s board of directors, and a senior financial services risk/security professional, said that the online resource is a great way for software professionals to assess their own security competency on an ongoing basis.

"This approach to ongoing self-education by software professionals will collectively contribute to better enterprise security for enterprises, given the numerous and incessant software security threats organizations face today", he said.

According to Bola Rotibi, a software security analyst with Creative Insight Consulting, the process of moving forward begins with an assessment.

And it's against this backdrop that he says StudISCope should prove valuable to anyone looking to develop some new and very marketable skills in their sector.

Other (ISC)² certifications covered by studISCope include the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) and the Certified Authorization Professional (CAP).

The simulation exams can be purchased online in a variety of set combinations ranging in price from $129 to $289.

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