Novell to hop securely into the cloud next week

At next week's Burton Group Catalyst Conference in San Diego, the networking veteran will unveil what it claims to be the first cloud computing security service that provides identity and access management for hosted applications and storage.

Backing up the features of its Cloud Security Services (CSS) is a compliance reporting suite.

It seems that Novell has been developing its CSS offering for some tine, as it claims the technology is based more than 60 cloud-related patents and patent applications.

The Novell CSS offering is currently in a limited private beta with select customers.

The company also says it is working with GoGrid, the cloud hosting division of ServePath Dedicated Hosting, to gather more information about customer requirements for security in-cloud computing.

According to Novell spokesperson Dipto Chakravarty, cloud computing is the on-ramp to tomorrow's transparent and trustworthy computing model, where on- and off-premise components drive the dynamic enterprise.

"Security concerns are the No.1 inhibitor to enterprises adopting cloud computing. Any cloud assets used by an enterprise must be treated as an extension of the data center with the policies and procedures in place to enforce regulatory compliance and prudent business practices," he said.

"Cloud computing will not be successful if it forces the enterprise to engage a separate and distinct operating environment," he added.

Further details of Novell's cloud strategy can be found here.

For an insight into these plans, Novell's CTO Jeff Jaffe posted an informative item on his blog last month, which can be found here.

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