Panda Cloud AV software hits beta 2

The gameplan is for a basic version of the gold code (commercial) edition of the software to be free, but for premium features, users will have to pay in 2010.

Beta v2 - v 08.82 in Panda's catalogue - of the software, adds features such as placing disinfected files in a recycle bin for up to three days, and the detection and disinfection code has been significantly streamlined.

According to Panda, the beta 2 application integrates with the Windows Security Centre, whilst the Windows Vista version now removes the need for a reboot after a rogue file has been detected.

Interestingly, Panda's R&D people now say the software will run under Windows 7 (release candidate) but users must select the Vista compatability mode in the Win7 set-up box.

Other features of beta 2 of Panda Cloud AV including anonymous centralised pooling of user data on potential threats meaning that, as more users try out the beta test version, the better the application will be at detecting security threats.

Also, because beta 2 is now fully cloud compliant, it occupies just 17 megabytes of memory on the host machine - significantly below the memory footprint of conventional IT security software, Infosecurity notes.

The interesting effect of this `lean and mean' approach is that Panda claims its software is around 50 per cent more efficient in speed terms compared to more conventional IT security applications.

According to a Panda blog posting, beta 3 of the software will be released much later this year, when full Win7 compatability will be available and - we are assured - 64-bit Windows support will arrive.


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