Report reveals growth in information security industry

The Barclay Simpson annual market report shows that the number of vacancies in information security roles increased by 53% in the second half of 2009. Adrian Simpson of Barclay Simpson said; “We are cautiously optimistic about the recovery that is underway within the corporate governance recruitment market.”

The growth of the jobs market is thought to be due to the high amount of governance and regulation within management companies. Simpson said; “Bank failures have focused attention on their governance and regulators throughout the world are responding. It is clear that corporate governance is no longer perceived as a ‘nice to have’ function, but an essential business requirement.”

The increase in cloud computing could be one of the reasons for the higher demand for staff. The number of required in-house risk assessors and security specialists has increased. Simpson said; “We are confident that the demand for information security professionals will continue to improve and we are already seeing staff shortages in specialist areas.”

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