Threat Intel Watch: Vormetric Joins FireEye Coalition

Information-sharing is a widely recognized key to helping stave off the cyber-scourge that's cresting out there—but it doesn't always happen in practice. Striking one for the good, Vormetric has joined the FireEye Cyber Security Coalition.

Vormetric has integrated detailed security intelligence information on file-level access to sensitive data with the FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (TAP). The partnership combines Vormetric’s encryption, access control and security intelligence capabilities with the analytic capabilities of FireEye TAP.

“The increasingly dangerous nature of cyber threats has made the work of security professionals even more difficult,” said Ed Barry, VP, Cyber Security Coalition, FireEye. “By teaming with Vormetric, our FireEye TAP customers gain access to the detailed data access information and pattern data that the Vormetric platform generates. The result is critical threat intelligence that allows organizations to detect, respond to and resolve threats, even when the attackers are inside enterprise and application perimeters.”

More specifically, the Vormetric Data Security Platform produces detailed security intelligence logs of file level access to sensitive data it protects. These logs produce an auditable trail of permitted and denied access attempts from users and processes, as well as privileged user escalation information, delivering insight into file access activities. Logging occurs at the file system level, removing the opportunity of stealthy access to sensitive data. When integrated with FireEye TAP, it can inform of unusual or improper data access and accelerate the detection of insider threats, hackers, and the presence of advanced persistent threats (APT) that are past the perimeter security.

“FireEye TAP applies threat intelligence, expert rules and advanced security data analytics against the problems of revealing suspicious behavior and generating alerts that matter, so that organizations can shut down threats before they cause damage,” said Arun Gowda, VP, business development, Vormetric. “With Vormetric now partnering to add data threat intelligence to FireEye’s already powerful capabilities, customers gain even better protection for their critical information and environments.”

Photo © Semisatch

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