Trend Micro and Wipro team up on virtualised security

According to Trend Micro, the linkup will allow major companies and operators to create cloud computing systems that are highly secure, but as cost-efficient as possible.

Infosecurity notes that the move comes in the wake of Gartner's prediction that, within four years, 20% of businesses will have no appreciable IT assets on their own networks, having moved most of them into the cloud.

As part of the arrangement, both firms plan to create `centres of excellence' in the UK, US, Australia and Japan, which will then offer cloud and data centre security services to major clients

Trend says it will work with Wipro to provide joint virtualised data centre security, as well as data centre consolidation technologies based on its own products, as well as those of third parties.

Wipro will effectively become a reseller of Trend's products in the threat management, web, messaging, server and endpoint security markets.

Wipro's vice president Prasenjit Saha, said that, by working with Trend, his firm will better able to address the operational security requirements of its data centre customers.

Over at Trend, meanwhile, the firm's senior vice president Wael Mohamed, said that most data centres are employing virtualisation technology these days.

But, he explained, without a virtualisation security strategy, these dynamic data centres are less secure than their physical counterparts.

"This agreement allows us to create `security' that fits customisable, scalable solutions that enable enterprises to protect confidential data and take advantage of the benefits of virtualisation plus cloud computing", he said.

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