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Trend Micro security spans physical, virtual and cloud servers

Aimed initially at major data centres, Trend Micro's Deep Security 7 (DS7), will be released to US customers in two distinct versions - physical and virtual. UK and European availability is expected later in the year.

Under the physical server licence, organisations will be charged from US$885 per server, whilst the virtual server edition will be sold for VMware on an unlimited agents per host basis starting at $2100 per socket.

Deep Security 7 takes advantage of the VMsafe application programming interface (API), a set of software `hooks' that allow third-party applications to interact with functions made available through the virtualisation management software.

According to a Trend Micro spokesperson, interaction with the hypervisor - the foundation of the virtual environment - removes the need to provide separate security for each virtual machine instance.

Benefits of Deep Security 7 are billed as including the ability to:

  • Protect critical applications/data and prevent data breaches caused by targeting software bugs, web-based attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
  • Enable compliance with important standards and regulations such as PCI and FISMA.
  • Uncover malicious activity and critical security events buried in system and application logs.
  • Provide detailed, auditable reports, as well as lowering operational costs with protection against exploits.

Commenting on Deep Security 7, Thomas Miller, Trend Micro's executive general manager said that, with data centres becoming more dynamic, traditional security offerings start to break down, "due to unique challenges imposed by virtualisation and the ever increasing sophistication of for-profit attackers".

"With cloud computing, servers, like laptops before them, are moving outside the security perimeter and can be co-located with unknown and potentially malicious servers", he said.

Trend Micro's server security solutions "enable protection for virtual and cloud-based servers that are susceptible to these unique risks and challenges currently not addressed by existing security solutions".

Central to Deep Security 7 is a deep packet inspection engine with intrusion detection and prevention, web application protection and network-level application controls as standard.

Other security features include a firewall, integrity monitoring and log inspection modules.

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