Trend Micro unveils online security game – with prizes

The online video game – Titanium Power Up – is billed as challenging the common perceptions of internet security software through humour and fun.

Claiming to take its cues from games such as Super Mario Bros and Pitfall, Trend Micro says that the game positions the player as a hero taking on those challenges.

The game includes a sweepstakes component called the Titanium Power Up Giveaway. These instant prizes are, says the company, awarded on a daily basis and there will be a grand prize awarded at the end of the sweepstakes, which ends on December 31.

According to Natalie Severino, Trend Micro's director of consumer product marketing, the game is a fun way to engage with customers on a relevant platform.

"Our job at Trend Micro is to protect families and individuals from real-world threats so they don't have to spend time thinking about them", she said.

"This game will help raise awareness about everyday online risks and expose a younger demographic that might not otherwise take the time to understand some of the treats associated with the internet", she added.

Interestingly, even novices get a chance to win a prize in the game, Infosecurity notes, with prizes including a years' subscription to Trend Micro's security software, a Toshiba laptop, a Bose hi-fi system and – perhaps inevitably – a large flat-screen TV.

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