UK terror alert iPhone app released

The 99 cents (59 pence) app is billed as ensuring users always know the latest terrorism threat level as issued by  MI5 and the Home Office.

According to the firm, UK Terror Alert is the only iPhone app that gives users access to the UK's national terrorism threat levels, making it the most important iPhone utility for combating the threat from terrorism.

Osama bin Laden may be dead, says Richard Rauser, Raaza's founder, but the threat from extremists still exists.

In use, the app allows users to see the UK's three separate terrorism threat levels in real time, including the threats from international and Ireland-related terrorism.

In addition, says the firm, the app updates users whenever the threat levels change, so that users always have the most up-to-date information and can gauge how vigilant they need to be in order to keep themselves safe.

The app is also billed as being highly integrated with Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to share information about the current threat levels with their network of friends and family.

Rauser says that the app is a great example of how the UK's crown copyrighted data can be used to ensure better public access to essential information.

"While no one should let fear of terrorism dominate their lives, UK Terror Alert is the key app to have in order to keep yourself aware of the terrorist threat", he said.

Infosecurity notes that the app runs on an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but requires iOS 4.0 to be loaded on the device.


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