US government opens new cybersecurity research center

The center will provide “open yet controlled” facilities for US cybersecurity professionals to perform cybersecurity experiments and hold discussions on the latest research findings, Sandia Labs explained in a news release.

The aims of the center are to develop the science and computing foundation necessary for robust cybersecurity research and development; nurture critical relationships to help understand the technical threat concerns facing industry, government, and academia; develop, test, and implement cybersecurity approaches in real-world situations; promote technical domains that support the advancement of cybersecurity; develop political and social awareness of the threat and the consequences posed by cyber exploits and attacks; and provide a window to the external world on open cybersecurity and related work throughout Sandia.

“With CTRL, we can run experiments and talk more freely about a wide range of cyber research activities, and we can do so with a variety of US and international collaborators but without some of the unrelated restrictions that are often associated with a national laboratory”, said Jim Costa, senior manager of computational sciences and analysis at Sandia’s California site.

“At the same time, we can do these things in a uniquely controlled environment where we know what activities are taking place and we can monitor who and what else is in the building. We look at CTRL like our own neighborhood hangout for Sandia and visiting cyber professionals who need an open but secure place to meet and collaborate”, he added.

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