Varonis extends metadata security platform to MS-Exchange

The company claims that the improved version of DatAdvantage gives IT management analytical access to the data flowing within the Exchange environment for the first time.

As reported previous by Infosecurity, Varonis' metadata security framework works on the principle that much of the unstructured data flowing and stored in a typical large organisation does not have an index.

This, says the company, means that it is all but impossible to track who is doing what with the data.

But, by effectively indexing this unstructured data, Varonis claims that it becomes a lot easier to find out what is happening with the company's data and analyse the access to look for unusual patterns.

As well as extending its analytical framework to MS-Exchange, the firm says that the new version of DatAdvantage automates several management tasks on the Exchange platform, offering IT staff up to 70% time savings on their routine management tasks.

Vivian Tero, an IDC analyst specialising in infrastructure compliance, said that email systems contain a rapidly growing set of critical data that is very hard to protect and manage.

"By bringing the power of their widely used data governance system and metadata framework to the Exchange platform, Varonis is significantly increasing the control and efficiency that IT administrators have over this extremely important set of semi-structured data", she said.

Over at Varonis, meanwhile, Yaki Faitelson, the firm's CEO and co-founder, said that, as the most widely adopted messaging platform, MS-Exchange is a key collaboration system for many organisations.

"Administrators are under enormous pressure to ensure that Exchange is secure, responsive, and constantly available", he said.

"To do this, they require automation to understand activity patterns over the entire platform, understand ownership of the data, visualise access for all mailboxes and public folders across all the information stores, easily identify stale mailboxes and public folders and optimise processes for consolidation and migration", he added.

"Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange automates tasks that Exchange administrators are already doing manually hundreds of times every day."

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