Webroot joins the EuroCloud cloud services community

EuroCloud is led by Pierre-Josi Billotte, president and founder of the French ASP Forum and has members across Europe from vendors and industry experts.

The aim of the association, of which Webroot is a founding member, is to develop the next generation of added value applications.

Mark Tickle, WebRoot's managing director, said that he sees an increase in the adoption of cloud-based web and email security services, as more and more companies become aware of SaaS as a choice of efficiency and effectiveness.

EuroCloud, he said, will help to convey best practices surrounding the use of cloud-based technologies as its acceptance grows.

In addition to Webroot, EuroCloud is supported by a number of companies in Europe and the US, including Amazon Web Services, Qualys, salesforce.com, and SuccessFactors.

Pierre-Josi Billotte, EuroCloud's general co-ordinator, said that, in Europe, the upcoming cloud computing era provides new opportunities to build worldwide application and technology relationships to offer new, added-value solutions.

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