Windows and Mac users asked to upgrade to Safari 4.0.5

Safari v4.0.5 reportedly fixes a number of security issues on the Windows and Mac OSX platform versions of its browser, and includes remediations for a total of 16 security vulnerabilities.

The new version has been welcomed by most quarters but, says Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant with Sophos, Safari users should update their browsers – regardless of platform – without delay.

"If you dilly-dally over updating your computer, it's possible that hackers could exploit the security bugs – including some that could mean that simply visiting a webpage with a maliciously crafted image could lead to malicious code being automatically run on your computer", he noted in his security blog.

According to Cluley, one of the bugs (CVE-2009-2285) fixed in Safari 4.0.5 was announced and patched in Mac OS X 10.6.2 back in December 2009, and in Mac OS X 10.5 since January.

This means, he says, that Windows users of Safari have been vulnerable for over two months in the way their browser handles booby-trapped TIFF images.

"But it doesn't matter whether you own a Mac or PC, if you run Safari the message is clear: It's time to update your browser and ensure that you are protected against hackers exploiting the security holes detailed in the security advisory on Apple's website", he said.

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