Thirtyseven4 unveils full mobile security suite for Android platform

Known as TS4Android, the $9.95 app is billed as going beyond most existing Android security software in that – as well as malware detection, prevention and removal – it supports call blocking, text message blocking, an anti-theft module and data protection features.

Steven Sundermeier, Thirtyseven4's owner, told Infosecurity that the app is the most comprehensive security solution yet seen in the Android marketplace.

The technologies surrounding smartphones are evolving at a rapid rate, as is the overall interest and market share of Android devices – a combination setting up a dangerous, perfect storm for unsuspecting users lacking security awareness, he explained.

"Malware authors and other cyber criminals are fully aware of the critical roles smartphones now play in the lives of many – such as banking, sharing photos and browsing – and they are hard at work to exploit and capitalize on the popularity of the Android”, he said.

“Our research team consistently intercepts new threats against Android devices, and it is becoming vitally important to secure these devices with our new Thirtyseven4 Mobile Security product line as we have succeeded in providing our users the best security suite available", he added.

Sundermeier went on to say that a 30-day evaluation version of the app is available from his firm's site.

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